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I'm not racist. Some of my best slaves are black.

I suck at telling jokes. Every once in a while, I come up with a killer punchline though. I thought this one was pretty awesome, but others beat me to it. 

There are no new ideas.


How to retarget a Studio 5000 or RSLogix 5000 project to another controller

This is particulatly handy if a project targets a ControlLogix controller and you re prting to a CompactLogix controller; because you may not have the higher licence installed.

The project must be saved in .L5K format. Simply open it and change the controller string in the header.




Install 64-bit Operating System as a VirtualBox Guest

You have installed VirtualBox, you have an ISO ready to install 64-bit Ubunto, FreeBSD, or your favourite OS, but when you try to create a new VM, 32-bits is the only option.

You may have searched, only to find that everyone says you need to turn virtualization on in your BIOS, but you checked, and you know it's turned on.

Try this: reboot.

Yes, a single reboot, and VirtualBox will offer to create 64-bit VMs.

Why we need walls at customer sites.

Why we need walls at customer sites.

Groundhog Day

Has anyone else noticed that both of the groundhog's possible predictions never come true?

Groundhog sees his shadow: 6 more weeks of winter. This would be amazing! That means spring would start mid-March!

Groundhog doesn't see his shadow: spring is "just around the corner". So, like, mid-March maybe? That would be amazing too.

Every year, we seem to get 8-12 more weeks of winter. I assume this is analagous to the groundhog getting shot in the head with a .22 each February 2; yet this outcome never presents itself.


The Day I Almost Made a Friend

Hey its vez

Lenovo ideacentre Horizon 27 Windows 10 network WiFi driver

After updating my Horizon 27 to Windows 10, it was unable to detect my WiFi adapter.

Lenovo does not have Windows 10 drivers for the (original) Horizon 27. The site identifies the adapter as a Qualcomm Atheros device.

I tried installing the Windows 8.1 driver from Lenovo's site, but it didn't work.

Just for fun, I tried downloading and installing the Windows 10 driver for the Horizon 27 2, the next generation model. It is identified as a Realtek RTL8188CE driver, so I didn't get my hopes up.

After a reboot, it worked! In device manager it is a Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC.

From what I can tell, the Realtek drivers are written by Atheros, and it wouldn't be a stretch to say that they use the same chipset.

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